The house as an extension of the soul


All of our choices revolve around the people that live in the house, their lifestyle, their needs. Every design activity or technological application must serve them, managing design and construction complexities to ensure that life in their home is easy, simple and satisfying. This is our guiding principle and the reason why the focal point of our activities and work is always the person and our relationship with them, and the development of a customised project.

Zenucchi Quality



There is a strong and unbreakable connection between architecture project and interior design project. A chain that links design objects, chosen from among many, and the idea the home’s designer had for that specific person, creating a domestic landscape that is a pleasure to inhabit. A place which, day after day, fills you with a small yet palpable dose of passion. A habitat that never feels alien but which reflects us. Every choice revolves around the person and is supported by the quality of the people that collaborate on the project.


For over ten years Zenucchi arredamento has made the benefit of its experience available to both private customers and professionals through its consultancy and design service. With the help of its team of designers and, where necessary, external collaborators, Zenucchi always strives to create environments in which the customer feels at home, a domestic landscape that is never alien but which reflects the personality, needs and habits of the homeowner in every detail. During the design phase continuous dialogue with the customer is crucial in order to understand their needs and answer their questions.


Homes have changed just as our behaviour and ways of living have changed, and this is even more evident if we consider how our needs have altered and how the technological advancement of the last decade has impacted on our way of life. These simple considerations were the basis for the H2D, Home Domotic Design project, a real and perfectly functioning house in which interior design is integrated with the most advanced domotics applications by Telmotor and Siemens, a contemporary and genuinely inhabitable home, a fascinating and unique architecture and interior design project.

Home: Interior design, from the plan to construction finishes, colours and materials, lighting project, structural furnishings, doors, sanitary fittings, taps and kitchens, furniture and accessories. Partial or total management of the executive development process, carrying out and management of work.

We are responsible for the partial or turnkey design of office spaces. We analyse the criteria and optimise the organisation of the space, develop projects for executive offices and reception, service and archive spaces.


Zenucchi arredamento also has a large warehouse which it manages itself. This enables it to organise deliveries with the utmost efficiency and meet the needs of its customers. Zenucchi also has its own logistics service, making it an independent business that is able to personally deliver and assemble the furnishings its sells.

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