The Mutina brand was born in the ceramic district of Fiorano, in the province of Modena, thirty years ago.

The year 2006 marks the turning point for the ceramic house, as the production evolves in an absolute way, passing from a concept of pure coating to an author’s project, where the use of the material becomes an integral part of the interior design . The artistic evolution project concerns the forms and is inspired by the work of the best designers of the past and present. The ceramic work acquires a new value, where functionality works in synergy with an aesthetic with absolute traits.

These goals are achieved thanks to the study of color and the desire to cross the boundaries of white, black and neutral hues. Indeed, the Mutina color palette draws on basic colors, but elevates them in a refined search for shades and projections that can make the creations of the Modena brand unique and immediately recognizable. The same research concerns the material, intended as finishing of the ceramic element. Design, color and structure therefore work together in the Mutina universe, to generate intuitive products such as the mirror of the best current Made in Italy.

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