A few steps from the snow

Technology, comfort and luxury in the mountains. Close to the centre of Ponte di Legno, a contemporary mountain chalet guaranteed to stir the emotions.


Interior Design

Skiline Realty


Celeste Cima

The natural panoramas of the mountain 

The natural panoramas of the mountain are an everyday view for those who live in this sumptuous refuge in Ponte di Legno. Emotions that you feel on your skin and that make this location even more magical. But it isn’t just the exclusive position that makes this Skiline Immobiliare project so unique. What makes it particularly special is the architectural style employed.

Fine materials, luxurious finishes, hitech systems

Fine materials, luxurious finishes, hi-tech systems, a construction method that respects the environment and tradition, looking to the future and giving rise to contemporary chalets with a natural and, at the same time, vintage flavour. Every centimetre of the house was studied and personalised by the Skiline team, which for over forty years has constructed homes where people can both live and dream. “All of the architectural solutions – explains Alberto Scattini, co-owner of Skiline Immobiliare together with Enrico Cancelli – we studied with the utmost attention on living comfort. Fast lifts, comfortable garages, private gardens, lofts with wooden mezzanines and evocative glazed walls characterise the atmosphere of the house, which is personalised with ad hoc finishes and interior decorations”. Contemporary design, the fragrance of wood and suggestive transparencies are hallmarks of this special refuge that has all the comforts of a modern home while preserving the beauty of the mountain experience. The house is attractive both inside and out: the splendid panoramic terraces look out over the stunning landscape – the residence was positioned on the side kissed by the sun which offers one of the best views of the surrounding mountains and slopes – and the exteriors, undeniably modern and refined, are completely in sync with the mountain environment. The same sartorial care went into the choice of materials for the interiors: wood, glass and iron, but also resin for some surfaces that make the space very contemporary. The volumes and dynamism of the house – whose heart in is in the mezzanine opposite the living room – are the expression of a specific architectural choice in which beauty and uniqueness are the most important values.


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