Art and heart by the square metre

In the historic centre of a Lombardy town you can admire the sky from your house. The story of a loft that speaks the lexicon of art and the heart.


Interior Design

Zenucchi Design Code


Celeste Cima

There are houses that make a strong first impression

There are houses that make a strong first impression because they look you right in the eyes and gradually reveal their souls as you explore and inhabit them. This loft, located in a building in the historic centre of a gorgeous Lombard town, is a fine example. The renovation project was overseen by architect Alberto Bertasa in collaboration with Zenucchi Design Code. The Zenucchi Design Code staff were tasked with providing consultancy and supplying and creating the furnishings for the entire house, including the bathrooms, the glass walls, the fabrics, the wood panels and all of the interior details.

All of the rooms exude the personal touch of the owners

The magic of this home, already very particular and elegant in terms of its architectural structure, is undoubtedly further enhanced by the taste of the owners, art lovers and design enthusiasts. All of the rooms exude the personal touch of the owners: works of art, paintings, sculptures and contemporary design objects create a very precise and distinctive “family story” that further characterises and emphasises the soul of the house. The home consists of two floors: the first floor, home to the daytime area, the kitchen, the master bedroom and the children’s bedroom, and the loft, where the cinema room, another bedroom and the utility room can be found. The living room is divided into two stunning areas, one looking out over the city and the other with a fireplace area. The “artistic” corridor that connects the daytime area with the master and children’s bedrooms is quite striking. Finally, there are also spaces for relaxation and the social life of the family. The outdoor area, a green oasis inside the home embellished with Kettal designs, is absolutely beautiful. Equally intriguing is the cinema and TV space on the second floor in the loft. Here, together with Zenucchi Design Code, architect Alberto Bertasa has designed custom furniture and wood panelling to create a unique environment to match the personality of the owners.


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