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Identity and unity. Home is a special place where you can be yourself.


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Eros Mauroner

A home with character is a home with a few elements brought together naturally to create a cosy and harmonious setting.

A home with character is a home with a few elements brought together naturally to create a cosy and harmonious setting. The project behind this luxurious simplicity is based on identity and unity, two essential concepts in architecture. Architect Nicola Agazzi from Agazzi architectural firm describes the pillars of his work for this beautiful villa in collaboration with Zenucchi Design Code. “Identity is achieved through the conscious use of material combinations and compositions that reduce the sense of formal and dimensional randomness and expand the relationship between inside and out, full and void”. A principle that is clearly expressed, as soon as you set foot in this house, in the large open-space that includes the living room, kitchen, and dining room furnished with select design pieces and decorated with materials – wood, stone, and glass – that are used throughout the house. In addition to the living area separated by a passageway, the ground floor houses the master bedroom with a walk-in wardrobe and en-suite bathroom, a utility bathroom, and a guest bedroom, which is currently used as a relaxation and reading room.

...provides tailormade solutions that enhance the natural essence of the house to ensure a harmonious

The wall that separates the bedroom from the en-suite bedroom and leads to the walk-in wardrobe is covered with walnut wood strip tiles, one of the highlights of this house. All these details, finishes, interior solutions, and furnishings have been designed by architect Nicola Agazzi and supplied by Zenucchi Design Code, which provides tailor-made solutions that enhance the natural essence of the house to ensure a harmonious, bespoke project. Every room of the house proves that. Take the attic, for example, with the suspended Focus fireplace and tailor-made iron sheet-clad wall (a solution designed to conceal the bathroom). Or the raw iron staircase with cantilevered steps that add a sense of lightness. The staircase becomes a sculpture against a tailor-made background, which consists of a floor-to-roof cementitious resin wall that emphasises verticality.



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