Contemporary details

In this modern apartment in a small town just outside Bergamo, the spotlight is on the enormous bookcase.


Progettazione d’interni

Zenucchi Arredamento


Michele Notarangelo & Andrea Rinaldi

Were in a small ancient town just outside Bergamo.

A black bird faces it, resting on a round marble coffee table with thin legs with the sofa behind it. Its glance glides towards the kitchen. Its shiny body is brightened by the lamp that stands tall like a sculpture. Next to the table is a pouffe that looks like a ball of wool. We’re in a small ancient town just outside Bergamo. This once single-family home now houses an apartment that features clean-cut lines, oak flooring, white walls, and furnishings selected with care and love. The attention is immediately drawn to the bookcase, the real star of the apartment. Designed by Zenucchi Arredamento and made by a partner carpenter, this bookcase is a world of books and tales. Some compartments are exposed, others concealed. The perfect way to “dress” the thick loadbearing walls that open to the kitchen and bedroom area. This bookcase is many things together. It’s passion for books, a practical wardrobe for guests, a TV stand, and hiding place for documents and data.

The bookcase marks the living room, which features a large Bristol sofa by Jeanne-Marie Massaud (2013, Poliform), a Utrecht armchair by Gerrit Thomas Rietveld (1935; 1988/2001, Cassina), and a Cesar side table by Rodolfo Dordoni (Minotti), an emerald green gem and a splash of colour in a light-flooded room. The light streams in from the large windows and diffuses from an enormous Tolomeo Mega Terra lamp (Artemide) with a squared arm, and the Caboche suspended lights by Patricia Urquiola + Eliana Gerotto (2005, Foscarini) that look like diamonds, one of the highlights of the minimalist dining area.

And in this apartment that is the expression of beauty, theres certainly a lot of it. 

A Manuel Bonfanti leans on the wall and creates a dialogue with the paintings in the kitchen, whose dominant colours are red, green, blue, white, and black. They frame the white modules brightened by the Miss lamps by Omar Carraglia (2006, Davide Groppi). The metal-effect painted aluminium Slight peninsula by Boffi adds a metropolitan edge to the setting. The result of this restoration project is a contemporary, stylish, and elegant apartment with tasteful décors and a flair that’s never over the top.

The master bedroom features a walk-in wardrobe with grey reflective glass doors behind the John-John bed by Jean-Marie Massaud (2011, Poltrona Frau). The bedside tables are cubes covered with mirrors while the chair is a romantic rocking chair. The slender Grossman Cobra lamp by Gubi rests on the floor and the Atollo-235 lamp by Vico Magistretti (1977, Oluce), on the bedside table. The bedroom stands out for its composed elegance.

The same we can find in the bathrooms. The one in the bedroom area features a woodland green shower while the one on the ground floor, Azulejo tiles by Patricia Urquiola (2012, Mutina), which transform the ancient hydraulic cement tiles into works of art. Because wherever there is elegance, there is art. And in this apartment that is the expression of beauty, there’s certainly a lot of it.


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