Forever contemporary

A happy couple and an apartment to renovate: the result is a series of neutral rooms where light is the protagonist and the furnishings play valuable walk-on roles.


Interior Design

Zenucchi Design Code


Michele Notarangelo, Andrea Rinaldi

There are no concessions to superfluity

This is the story of a rebirth. Of eliminations and changes. It is the story of new colours, apertures, the moon and the sun. It is the story of a happy couple and the apartment they decided to renovate. With the help of Zenucchi Design Code, and with a modern and urbane style. Before there were bright colours on the walls, antique furnishings and closed spaces. Now light filters through the rooms, its colours embracing the grey and caressing the wood. The kitchen, once closed, is now concealed only by the glass of a sliding door. It is modern, minimalist. There are no concessions to superfluity. The bases and cupboards are in laminate, the snack bar in customised oak. The stools are sleek and black and this lunch area separates it from the living room. A round table, four white leather and enveloping chairs. Above them, a pendant light reminiscent of the moon. Below foot, the old parquet, planed and varnished. All around, the light grey is a blank canvas and an opportunity for creativity.

Everything is contemporary

The daylight filters through the light curtains which caress the floor and are trustworthy allies of the sun’s rays. Its artificial twin comes into play in the parts it doesn’t reach. Measured, studied. With its pendant lights, spotlights (kitchen) and LEDs (corridor and kitchen). With floors lamps that look like sculptures, luminous blades that fear nothing. Their bodies illuminate pictures and ornaments, splashes of colour in a neutral and delicate room. The fabric sofa, the armchair that is a design icon. The built-in bookcase custom-designed by Zenucchi Design Code and the large mirrored wardrobe which, brushing the corridor, leads to the night-time area. To the refurbished bathroom from the which the tiles, bathtub and old fittings have been removed. The parquet now continues here. Here, the concrete resin now surrounds a spacious shower.  Not far away, the children’s room and master bedroom with its quilted bed and enormous wardrobe which rises from the floor to the ceiling. Everything is contemporary. Light. Reserved. An eternal presence that never shouts from the rooftops.



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