Living between the sky and the hills

A wise restoration project that merges matter, nature, beauty and light.


Interior Design

Architect Laura Beretta

Interior Supply

Zenucchi Design Code


Paolo Stroppa

The light and the magic of the landscape can be enjoyed and experienced

Architect Laura Beretta, in collaboration with Zenucchi Design Code, has redesigned this home focusing on natural elements and reducing the boundaries between indoors and outdoors. The white Flexform fabric sofa is the star of the living room. White is the neutral and poetic colour that dominates the entire home.
Then there are design elements, like the Molteni & Co. hanging bookcase, that add personality to the setting.

They were originally two small houses – narrow and high – surrounded by the natural landscape of val cavallina, near the lake endine area in the province of bergamo. Then, after the renovation managed by architect laura beretta, hand in hand with zenucchi arredamento concerning consultations and interiors supply, everything has changed. For the better. 

Zenucchi’s team explains: “architect beretta, thanks to the left over volumes, has renovated and enlarged the small houses by connecting the two volumes by means of a body on the ground floor, provided with large glass windows.” With this smart “precious stone”, the house now is completely in tune with the natural landscape of val cavallina. Emphasizing the natural setting and the environment has been essential for all choices. That’s exactly when the sun goes down, every day at sunset that the atmosphere, the light and the magic of the landscape can be enjoyed and experienced.

The arrangement of housing spaces too and taking care of every detail.

The studio designed the architectural style in its compositional installation, the arrangement of housing spaces too and taking care of every detail, beginning with materials used for the project. A dramatic and visually exciting core element is the staircase, reinvented as a white sculpture inside a glass case. The use of glass can be found inside rooms and also in the house structure itself. As a matter of fact, the large windows erase all borders between indoor and outdoor spaces, turning nature into an influential ornamental element. And that’s exactly from the spirit of the surrounding hills that highly tactile and colour-related choices come from. Walls – leveled using plaster – are white as doors and windows, in contrast with the vigorous wooden floors. White dominates the large master bedroom too – carved out of the crawl space –, an open space distinguished by a poltrona Fau’s bed – in fabric and leather – and by a contrasting element, added on purpose: the black marble of shower and sinks.

The Poliform kitchen features an island with walnut doors, stainless steel worktop, and matte lacquered tall units. In the next page: the rectangular table by Molteni & Co. with Sahara Noir marble top, leather chairs, and Nemo pendant lamp. Left: the round Molteni table in the kitchen with a glass top and fabric chairs with wooden legs, and Penta pendant lamps. Right: the staircase has great visual impact, like a white sculpture in a glass case. The master bedroom in the garret is a black and white open space. Poltrona Frau bed, Boffi bathtub.




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