White is the light

A restoration project in Val Seriana, where LEDs and total white take centre stage.


Progettazione d’interni

Zenucchi Design Code

Today, that same building has been turned into a pure white, lightflooded modern home.

There was once a 1960s building designed specifically for a family with young children, which perfectly reflected the style of the time. Today, that same building has been turned into a pure white, light-flooded modern home. With the living area on the ground floor and the bedrooms upstairs, this home stands out for its clean, contemporary design. This successful project by architect Luigina Bianchi for the same family meets their new requirements in terms of representation and functionality. The Mutina ceramic flooring and Fermacell suspended ceiling enhance the white but never cold living area. LED strip lights and refined design create a harmonious setting. The dining room features a Metallico table by Piero Lissoni (Porro) and Outline chairs by Arik Levy (Molteni & Co.), which have different delicate colours. A piece of artwork by Manuel Bonfanti leans parallel to the impressive resin staircase with no parapet wall, just an ethereal aura. The fireplace with a concrete hearth and pure white lacquered wainscoting panels is another highlight of the room. In front of it are two Leslie chairs by Rodolfo Dordoni (Minotti). Not too far from them is the solid wood Parla! table by Karsten Schmidt-Hoensdorf (Riva 1920) and Lem stools by Shin & Tomoko Azumi (2000, La Palma).

An industrialstyle trio that looks straight out from a city loft.

An industrial-style trio that looks straight out from a city loft. The acoustic wainscoting panels that surround the living room is the surprise element, while the Utrecht armchair by Gerrit Thomas Rietveld (1935; 1988-2011 Cassina) is the star of the show. It rests on the black and white Sataranya rug (Amini) opposite the large, white Collar sofa by Rodolfo Dordoni (Minotti), which stands proud with the mountains behind it. Those mountaintops almost look as if they’re coming inside. Just like the sky and the sun. Because the windows here are enormous, even in the kitchen – a K14 model by Norbert Wangen (Boffi) with glacier white Corian doors and countertop – and in the bedrooms. The master bedroom features a Tatlin bed by Rodolfo Dordoni (Minotti) and a grey and blue floor-to-ceiling glass behind it. The other half of the room is occupied by the walk-in wardrobe, in the middle of which stands the Aquarium by Piero Lissoni (Porro), a transparent glass drawer unit with burnished brass profiles that contains a vast array of necklaces and jewellery. The drawer unit rests on the European walnut flooring. The atmosphere is that of a high-end fashion boutique or a hall of a grand hotel. This refined jewellery counter is yet another surprise element in this home in Val Seriana.



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